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Giants Trilogy Walkthrough Maps 3-Pack (pre-order)

THE GIANTEST DUNGEONS! Gary Gygax's "Against the Giants" trilogy, the first three professionally published D&D adventures (recently re-released for 5e as part of Tales from the Yawning Portal), is now available as a set of three huge Walkthrough Maps (as seen on Dragon+ and the Wizards of the Coast site). A great keepsake for D&D groups & an aid to Dungeon Masters to visualize the adventures. These are my biggest maps -- as big as movie posters!

G1: STEADING OF THE HILL GIANT CHIEF - A brave group of adventurers seeks revenge on the brutal hill giants who have raided their city. Featuring orcs, bugbears, manticores and of course, giant man-eating barbarians. 24"x36", color.

G2: GLACIAL RIFT OF THE FROST GIANT JARL - Armed with flaming swords, the surviving heroes trek into the frozen wastes where they face white dragons, frost giants, remorhaz and the dreaded snow apes. 24"x32", color.

G3: HALL OF THE FIRE GIANT KING - A gigantic THREE-LEVEL dungeon! Hundreds of orc & human soldiers do battle with 105 fire giants, 90 gnolls and 77 trolls! Every single creature mentioned in the adventure is drawn! 24"x36", color.

UPDATE MARCH 27, 2017: I'm currently taking pre-orders for this set of three maps. If we get enough pre-orders to print the set, the maps will print sometime in April 2017. If we don't get enough preorders by the end of April, all money will be refunded. Email store at mockman dot com for questions.

SPECIAL BONUS: The first 50 people to order the pack will get 3 stickers from our Fantasy RPG sticker pack by Konstantin Pogorelov! 

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