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Giants Trilogy Walkthrough Maps 3-Pack

THE GIANTEST DUNGEONS! Gary Gygax's "Against the Giants" trilogy, the first three professionally published D&D adventures (recently re-released for 5e as part of Tales from the Yawning Portal), is now available as a set of three huge Walkthrough Maps (as seen on Dragon+ and the Wizards of the Coast site). 

G1: STEADING OF THE HILL GIANT CHIEF - A brave group of adventurers seeks revenge on the brutal hill giants who have raided their city. Featuring orcs, bugbears, manticores and of course, giant man-eating barbarians. 24"x36", color.

G2: GLACIAL RIFT OF THE FROST GIANT JARL - Armed with flaming swords, the surviving heroes trek into the frozen wastes where they face white dragons, frost giants, remorhaz and the dreaded snow apes. 24"x36", color.

G3: HALL OF THE FIRE GIANT KING - A gigantic THREE-LEVEL dungeon! Hundreds of orc & human soldiers do battle with 105 fire giants, 90 gnolls and 77 trolls! Every single creature mentioned in the adventure is drawn! 24"x36", color. 

Available together for a special low price, these maps are a fun story, a great keepsake for D&D groups & an aid to Dungeon Masters to visualize the adventures. These are my biggest maps -- as big as movie posters!

©Wizards of the Coast.