Mock Man Press

The Map of Alien Invaders (24"x36" poster)

The aliens are coming! This gigantic map categorizes over 500 different species of alien invaders from books, movies, comics, anime, TV shows, video games and more, everything from "The War of the Worlds" to "The Arrival". Identify and prepare for the numerous threats to planet Earth, including:

* Humanoid Aliens (mono-gender, all-gender & otherwise)

* Furry Aliens

* Repties & Amphibians

* Robots

* Insectoid Aliens

* Tentacle Monsters

* Eyeball Monsters

* All-Consuming Blobs (biological, mechanical, etc.)

* Alien Plants

* Silicon & Crystal Aliens

* Viruses & Parasites

* Altruistic Invaders

* Inscrutable Aliens

Handy categorization icons further break down the different types of apocalypses you may wish to avoid (or seek out), including: (1) postapocalyptic stories, (2) alien occupation/alien rulers, (3) friendly aliens, (4) comedy, (5) military sci-fi, (6) Doctor Who and much more. Together with your special antimatter weapon, genius scientist allies, human will to live, and access to fresh water (to splash on the aliens), this map and this map alone will enable you to survive the invasion!

UPDATE: When you buy the Map of Alien Invaders, you also get the updated PDF version for free! The PDF will be sent by email.

Also available together with the Map of Zombies for $5.00 off!