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Cartooner: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics

Have fun telling stories and creating comics with your friends, kids, or students! Great for playing in-person or over video chat! Cartooner is a fun and creative party & family game.

25% off for a limited time only to help you get through the long shelter-in-place days! 

  • 136 Theme Cards giving you endless prompts for comic-making, such as Desire to Save the World, Haunted Houses, Reality Television, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Obnoxious Neighbors and more
  • 52 gorgeously illustrated Trend Cards such as Superheroes, Mutants, Destiny, Disasters, Nature, Funny Animals and many more 
  • Fame Tokens (to keep track of your progress)
  • 64 pages of Drawing Paper 
  • You can download extra Drawing Paper for free at 
  • Completely compatible with our Japanese-themed drawing game: Mangaka
  • Available wholesale from Japanime Games 
  • For sample comics & more information:

 “This game is a keeper.…While I’m not a skilled artist, my kids and I love drawing and storytelling. Sharing the comics and laughing with each other’s jokes and drawing (or lack of drawing) skill was a great family experience.”—Ryan Hiller, Geekdad

“It was one of the best games I ever played…It’s super cool!”—Jadah, 8th grader