Mock Man Press

"Manga" Hachimaki

Hachimaki are Japanese headbands imprinted with inspiring phrases. Traditionally worn by salarymen at company events, students cramming for a test, and other people seeking extra confidence or show-offishness, they usually bear phrases such as "Number One", "Determination to Win" or "Fighting Spirit." But only ONE hachimaki bears the most inspiring word of all to otaku & comic fans everywhere: MANGA!

Created for the Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics Kickstarter, these hachimaki are printed on genuine cotton hachimaki cloth imported from Japan. The "manga" kanji was written by a Japanese sumi-e artist. They were then screenprinted by hand in San Francisco and heat-set to minimize any chance of water damage from washing, etc. They're a great prize for a Mangaka game; a cheap costume at an anime convention; and just something really cool (and a little ridiculous) to wear on your head.