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White Plume Mountain Walkthrough Map Print

DARE!! To enter an active volcano on a quest for the three magic weapons, Blackrazor, Whelm and Wave!

FIGHT!! Sphinxes, manticores, kelpies, werewolves and the giant crab!

GASP!! At the perilous mud geyser, the frictionless room, the magic stream, and the boiling bubble!

PUZZLE!! Over the cryptic riddles of the wizard Keraptis, for if you cannot solve them, you will never leave White Plume Mountain alive...

The second adventure module in Dungeons & Dragon's classic "S" series—Module S2, "White Plume Mountain," written by Lawrence Schick—is now available in one cartoon walkthrough map! You can almost run the adventure with the map (although you should really pick up the hardcover reprint edition of S1 in Dungeons of Dread, seriously). A beautiful addition to any gaming room, office or repository of forbidden lore.

Available as a 16"x18" print. ©Wizards of the Coast.