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Village of Hommlet Original Art

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Ride into town, buy some iron rations and get drunk at the inn as you venture into one of the classic D&D modules: Module T1, The Village of Hommlet! The gateway to the dreaded Temple of Elemental Evil, this small town at the crossroads is a cover for secret cults and dark secrets that will test the mettle of any 1st-level adventurer. Most dangerous of all is the moathouse, where giant frogs, giant spiders, ghouls, ogres, and all the forces of Chaotic Evil await the unwary...

This 18"x24" Bristol Board map depicts Gary Gygax's Village of Hommlet (or technically, the moathouse just outside of town, first destination for danger-seeking adventurers and jaded townies). This is the original B&W art for the D&D Walkthrough Map as seen on the Wizards of the Coast website! Packaged in durable heavy cardboard and signed to you or the character of your choice. If you want I'll also throw in a small sketch of YOUR Dungeons & Dragons party of up to 8 characters (drawn in Mock Man style, of course!). When you get the store email, just send me an email telling me about your character!